Entrepreneurs supported

by Accès MicroCrédit Gaspésie


Clément Vallée | MRC Haute-Gaspésie

Specialized store in the field of bicycles and water sports, Biseak offers you services of sale, repair and rental of bicycles and paddleboards. This young entrepreneur was immersed in the world of entrepreneurship when he was a child and did not want to do anything else but start his own business.
« Unlike more traditional financing from a banking institution, AMCGÎM listens to entrepreneurs even if they do not have a strong credit history. They listen to their ideas and offer several development tools to support them in developing their project. In my case, AMCGÎM supported me even though I was freshly out of school, didn’t have enough money to make a convincing down payment in the eyes of a bank and didn’t have enough credit history to reassure an investor. »