Application process

Starting a business


The entrepreneur’s idea

At this stage, we can discuss your project together.

Does it meet a need? And is the project realistic? Do you have the profile of an entrepreneur? What are your strengths, your challenges and what are your motivations? What are your financial needs for a living? How can you invest in your project? All of these questions will help you make the decision to start a business.


Business plan and financial forecast

Accès Microcrédit Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine can assist you in drafting your business plan.

Indeed, this is an essential step to start a business. It will allow investors to fully understand your entrepreneurial idea, but it will also allow you to fully understand and implement the important aspects to start off with sound management. This business plan goes hand in hand with financial planning. It’s important to look at your expenses and your potential income in order to be able to assess with you the viability of your project.



Once the business plan and the financial forecasts are established, our development agent can assess with you who could be the best financial partners.

If you need our support, your file will be evaluated by our coordinator-analyst who will carry out a first credit score check. This step is just one of many to start the decision process of project funding with us. We put the entrepreneur at the heart of the project and project funding is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Once the file has been assessed, the coordinator-analyst decides whether to recommend the loan to the local investment committee. During the meeting with the committee, you will present your project. The members of the investment committee will then choose whether to recommend the loan to the board of directors, which will validate the decision. It is not uncommon for the investment committee to grant a loan and add a few recommendations to follow. A fee of $125 is payable only if a loan is issued.



Your development agent will carry out regular monitoring and support in order to be able to equip you in the early stages of your project.

The agent is responsible for ensuring that the recommendations of the investment committee are followed.