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Julie Gauthier, fondatrice de La Yoga Shala

La Yoga Shala

Julie Gauthier | MRC Avignon

Founded in January 2024, La Yoga Shala is a peaceful haven nestled in Maria, offering bilingual yoga services. Under the direction of Julie Gauthier, its sole owner, the street-front yoga center is open year-round, welcoming the community with yoga, meditation and mindful breathing classes.

Yoga Shala offers a safe, welcoming space where practice flourishes at the participant’s own pace, within a caring community.

« We believe in the freedom to be ourselves and in the beauty of each individual, while cultivating love and compassion for all beings, without distinction. Our inclusive environment is open to all levels of practice. Whatever your current needs, La Yoga Shala is here to accompany you on your journey to well-being. »

Photo credit: Maude Barriault